Where did the name Lizzie’s Notions come from?

Originally, I ran a brief sewing and quilting business when I was 12 and Lizzie’s Notions was born. About a decade later I started making and selling jewelry and realized I needed a shop name and figured “well, I kind of already have one, don’t I?” So perhaps it’s not quite as fitting as when I had a sewing focus, but it just feels right. However, given the way my shop has shifted over the years and the direction it's going in now (mostly encouraging or uplifting others), I think notions still works. My mom once pointed out when I talked to her about growing my business and expanding what I do with it that notions also means ideas...and I have a lot of them. Most of which involve encouraging others where I can. It's something I've always had a heart for, and it's only gotten to be more so the older I've gotten. If I can help encourage someone while they're struggling with a down time in their life, then I'm more than happy to do so.


Do you take custom orders?

Yes, I do! I love working with people and making the best custom piece I can. If you would like a custom jewelry piece, I have a custom listing that I'm still working on, but in the meantime, feel free to message me and let me know what you would like and I'll try my best to make it possible. If you would like an idea of what I can make, you can check out the made to order page that features more custom type jewelry. There is also a collection of previous custom pieces you can find here.


What is your return policy?

I currently have a no return policy but will possibly change that in the future. As for the apparel printed, since I will not be the one handling the shipping, they will have their own return policy which I will link here.


Why do some of the jewelry pieces become unavailable?

Because I get most of my supplies at Hobby Lobby, or through other suppliers, I don’t always have control over what I can order more of. A lot of things go out of stock because different charms or pendants are cycled out every now and then. There are some older pieces that I would love to do again, but simply don’t have access to those pieces anymore. In a way it’s good because it forces me to keep moving forward and coming up with new pieces for the shop. Even a few of the metal stamp pieces have to be cycled out every now and then due to not being able to find it anymore.


I’m interested in starting to make jewelry. Any advice?

I'm working on a whole blog post about that to be posted at some point. But in short, get a jump ring opener - your future self will thank you. And make what excites you. To be perfectly honest, so much of what I’ve seen over the years is more of the same. I never had much interest in making what I saw, but I had ideas for different things I would like to wear. So, I did that. And even if it turned out to not sell well, it still gave me practice getting better at it and even discovering more over time exactly what it is that I like making the most because I love the pieces I'm working on now.


What do you use to design your apparel/posters/etc?

I use a Wacom Intuos S tablet and Affinity Designer with just a dash of Sketchbook on PC when needed.


Why is the packaging different for the apparel/drinkware?

Because of the printer I use to drop ship the non-jewelry things, it’s their packaging & branding being used, so unfortunately, that means no butterfly mailers to brighten your day. I hope to one day be able to work out how to make that happen though, because I love my butterfly mailers and the idea of someone’s day getting brightened when receiving an order.


Do you have anything for men? I would like to get a gift for my boyfriend/husband.

I do! I try hard to have at least a few things in the shop that might appeal to men, which is hard to do because most men aren’t into jewelry. Good thing I also have apparel and drinkware (men need a nice mug to enjoy their morning coffee with, right?).

As far as jewelry, I have select necklaces available with a leather cord, as well as a custom metal stamp keychain.


I received a custom order as a gift, where can I send a review for the website?

I’m actually looking into a way I can make this happen, but for now, feel free to use the contact form and make sure the subject line says “Custom review from [your name here]” and make sure to let me know which order it was, because I’d love to know. ☺️

What is your process when metal stamping?

I actually have a YouTube channel for behind the scenes things like this. I’ll be sharing some metal stamping videos as well so you’ll be able to see how I make those pieces. Some will even be featured from start to finish.