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Hello there, and welcome to the shop! I'm Liz, the maker of jewelry and designer of apparel here at Lizzie's Notions.

The name of the shop originated when I was around 12 and had a very brief sewing business where I made some small purses, simple pillows, and even lap quilts (I still have and use the one I made at sewing camp when I was 12). I needed a name for my little sewing business and my mom helped me come up with Lizzie's Notions since a notion is typically some bobble or another used in sewing. Fast forward about a decade and I was starting up my jewelry business and again realized I needed a name for it. I remembered the name Lizzie's Notions and although I don't do as much sewing as I used to, the name still suits me. I can't imagine another name for my business. And who knows? Maybe I'll introduce a few select sewn items at some point.

Feel free to look around for a catalog of available items in the shop, as well as some examples of custom made jewelry, and reviews from previous satisfied customers. Check back soon for updates to the website. There’s much more to come!